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i think we should change The General Strike Date to May 4th. May 1st, for one, is on a Tuesaday, so those on the fence about going on a Tuesday would be down to go on a Friday, May 4th. 2, The Avengers comes out on May 4th. What better way to STRIKE BACK THEN IN THE BOX OFFICE! if not, WE STRIKE ON A TUESDAY THAN WHAT?! LET EVERYONE FEEL ITS OKAY TO GO TO THE MOVIES AND GIVE ALL THE MOVIE BACK? WHAT KIND OF FUCKIN REVOLUTION IS THAT? Which leaves me with this, who ever picked May 1st didn’t have a thought in their mind that May 1st is also the historic date of the Barvarian Illuminati being created in 1776, OR MAYBE THEY KNEW EXACTLY WHAT THE MEANING OF MAY 1ST IS. I DON’T BELIEVE IN COINCIDENCES. May 4th should be the date! The People Strikes BackMay 4th Be With  You
  • 16 April 2012
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